Event Schedule

May 24th: Karaoke 8pm-11pm

May 25th: Cornhole Tournament 2pm

Silver Stars Band 7pm-11pm

May 26th: Darron the Guitar Guy 1pm-5pm

May 27th: Open 8am-2pm

May 31st: Karaoke 8pm-11pm

June 1st: Greg Paul Band 7pm-11pm

June 7th: Karaoke 8pm-11pm

June 8th: Darron The Guitar Guy 7pm-11pm

June 14th: Karaoke 8pm-11pm

June 15th: Silver Stars Band 7pm-11pm

June 21st: Karaoke 8pm-11pm

​June 22nd: Sol Deville Band 7pm-10pm

June 28th: Karaoke 8pm-11pm

June 29th: Band Wagon Band 7pm-11pm

July 5th: Karaoke 8pm-11pm

July 6th: 4th of July Parade at 11am

Cornhole Tournament at 2pm

Live Music: Silver Star Band 7pm-11pm

July 12th: Karaoke 8pm-11pm

July 13th: Greg Paul Band 7pm-11pm

July 19th: Karaoke 8pm-11pm

July 20th: Silver Stars Band 7pm-11pm

July 26th:Karaoke 8pm-11pm

July 27th: Frozen Fire Band 7pm-11pm 

August 2nd:Karaoke 8pm-11pm

August 3rd: Greg Paul Band 7pm-11pm

August 9th:Karaoke 8pm-11pm

August 10th: Band Wagon Band 7pm-11pm

August 16th:Karaoke 8pm-11pm

August 17th: Frozen Fire Band 7pm-11pm

August 23rd: Karaoke 8pm-11pm

August 24th: Silver Stars Band 7pm-11pm

August 30th: Karaoke 8pm-11pm

August 31st: Cornhole Tournament 2pm

Junk the Band 7pm-11pm

September 1st: Darron the Guitar Guy 1pm-5pm

September 2nd: Open 8am-2pm

September 6th: Karaoke 8pm-11pm

September 7th: Heber Ridge Band 7pm-11pm

September 13th: Karaoke 8pm-11pm

September 14th: Frozen Fire Band 7pm-11pm

September 20th: Karaoke 8pm-11pm

September 21st: Silver Stars Band 7pm-11pm

September 28th: Darron The Guitar Guy 7pm-11pm

October 26th: Halloween Costume Party